MasterPath 2022 Calendar

To those sincere seekers who desire to deepen their investigation of MasterPath, you are cordially invited to attend a meeting with Sri Gary Olsen, the spiritual leader of MasterPath.

2022 - Meetings by Month


Meetings with Sri Gary Olsen

Meetings for MasterPath Students Open to Seekers

Sri Gary invites interested seekers to attend their first satsang at no charge and any following satsangs at the student price of $50 each, whether the seminar is remote-only, as with the upcoming seminar, or held in-person in the future. This invitation to attend student (chela) satsangs is extended for one seminar weekend only. If you feel drawn to attend again, you may deepen your investigation by requesting to become a student and attend as a chela.

How to Attend Seminar Meetings Online or by Phone

Step 1: On the Register for Seminar Meetings page:

  • Provide your email address and click Submit
  • Select the satsang(s) you wish to attend and click Add to Cart. Your first satsang is offered as a gift, free of charge, and any following satsang for $50 each

Step 2: Submit fees (if any) by Visa or MasterCard on the Checkout page

Step 3: Your Registration Confirmation email contains:

  • The link to the Sign In to Seminar Broadcasts page
  • Your assigned username and password needed for Sign In to Seminar Broadcasts page
  • Your unique access codes for each satsang needed on the Connect to Broadcast page to attend via the internet
  • Phone numbers and phone codes to attend on the phone

Step 4: Prepare your computer to attend on the internet and learn about the phone connections using the tips on the Computer and Phone Setup for Seminar Broadcasts page.

Step 5: Be sure to check the time and time zone of the satsangs to determine the satsang start time in your location.  Here’s a site that converts time zones:

February 5, 2022
Internet/Phone Only
Meetings with Sri Gary Olsen - Internet/Phone Only
Meetings for Students with Sri Gary Olsen
Saturday, February 5th, 2022 at 4:30 p.m., PST-USA. No fee for the first meeting attended by seekers.
Additional Meetings with Sri Gary Olsen
After attending the 4:30 meeting, seekers may also register to attend the following satsangs (meetings) at the student fee: Saturday, February 5th (Sat2) at 7:00 p.m., PST-USA, $50
Sunday, February 6th (Sun) at 8:30 a.m., PST-USA, $50
Remote Only
Broadcast Type
Please Note: Minimum age requirement for attending meetings is 14 years (with parental consent).