Computer and Phone Setup for Seminar Broadcasts

For general registration information, please review How to Attend Seminar Meetings Online or by Phone.

Be sure to review the time and time zone of the meetings to determine the correct time in your location. The following website may be helpful in converting the time zones:

Computer and Mobile Device (Phone or Tablet) Setup

Operating System Requirements:

  • PC users – Windows 7 or newer. Previous versions may work but are not supported.
  • Mac users – OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard or newer. Previous versions may work but are not supported.
  • Mobile device users - Ensure that your operating system (OS) is up to date. Please note that the MasterPath websites are not currently optimized for mobile devices.

Internet Connection Requirements:

  • Ensure that your chosen web browser has all the latest updates. Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft, so select another browser, such as Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Chrome.
  • If you have a connection of 56K or more, you can connect to a high quality, low bandwidth audio broadcast of the seminar. If your internet connection is less than 56K, connecting by phone is recommended.
  • A desktop or laptop computer with a wired internet connection provides a more stable and reliable image with less buffering than a wireless connection for seminars broadcast with video.

Mobile Device Internet Connection Tips:

  • For iPhones or iPads  - When you have clicked on the Audio-Only or Video link for the seminar broadcast, be sure that your device is set up for Mobile Websites. Click on the AA on the left side of the address bar in the browser: If your device shows Request Mobile Website in the dropdown, click on this setting to select it. If your device shows Request Desktop Website, the Request Mobile Website setting has already been correctly applied.
  • For Android phone or tablets - When you have clicked on the Audio-Only or Video link for the seminar broadcast, be sure that your device is set up for Mobile Websites. Click on the three dots to the right of the address bar of the browser: Check that the text in the dropdown menu that appears does not have the checkbox or slider for Desktop site selected. If selected, unselect it.

Attending the Seminar Meeting Broadcasts Online

  • About 15 minutes prior to the meeting, sign in on the Sign In to Seminar Broadcasts page using your assigned Username and Password from your Registration Confirmation email. Once the Connect to Broadcast page opens, click the Connect button for the satsang and enter your assigned meeting Passcode to open the Seminar Broadcast Player.
  • Click the play icon on the player screen that opens. Once the broadcast begins, you will see the MasterPath graphic on the screen and you will experience only silence until the meeting (satsang) begins.

Attending the Seminar Meeting Broadcasts by Phone

  • Connect to the seminar phone conference broadcast using a landline, cell phone, or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) line, some of which may incur long distance charges. Your Registration Confirmation email provides the conference phone number plus the appropriate Participant PIN code for each meeting.
  • About 15 minutes prior to the meeting, call the phone number provided.
  • You will hear a message that says "Welcome to Webex. Enter your Access Code or meeting number followed by pound (#)."
  • To join, enter your Access Code for the desired satsang followed by the pound (#) or hash sign TWICE (##).
  • You will then hear the following message: "You're muted."
    • If you hear an additional message that requests that you enter your attendee ID or numeric meeting password, simply press the # sign again, and it will place you in the satsang.
  • If you do not hear this confirming message, or if you hear any other message, you have called before the broadcast has begun, or an error has occurred. Please hang up and dial in again, two or three times if needed. If redialing does not resolve any connection issues, and you are calling from:
    • a landline, continue to hang up and dial in again;
    • a cell phone, power down the phone completely, turn it back on, and call in again;
    • an internet-based phone, reboot the router and/or modem and phone, and call in again.
  • NOTE: There will be silence until the seminar begins although the event is live.
Your line will be muted, meaning it will not transmit any sounds from your location. As there will be hundreds of other participants on the line during these calls, please be aware that this muting feature could malfunction, and stillness and quiet during the meetings is encouraged so as not to potentially disturb others.